Rest / Eternal

by Your Hands Write History

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released August 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Your Hands Write History Medford, Oregon

Your Hands Write History :
Our Hands Build It.

Oregon raised progressive metal noisemakers.

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Track Name: Rest
She sways and moves with grace, dancing in the sea of the moonlit night.
She is illuminated by the flame, burning from deep within the sun in her eyes.
The ashes that swirl around her face are pulled by the wind’s bitter tide.
The shadows beneath her feet extend selfish hands to grip her spine.
The hairs on the back of her neck stand straight up to embrace the sky.
As the pillars of this earth collapse like frail bones aged with time.
But fear has no home in her heart.
An unheard melody bursts from her lips.
No words to sing, no thoughts to guide, no cares to bring, no fears to hold her back.
She is forever alive and she will forever sing,
No matter the weight of this world, nor the victory of death’s sting.
She is a free spirit moving with elegance and peace as her blue dress swarms around her feet.
Like the mist rising up from winter’s dying touch as the new spring calls before the summer’s fall.
But fear has no home in her heart.
We will forever sing.
For fear has no home in our heart.
Her unheard melody is laid to rest.
Track Name: Eternal
Yes, she is a free spirit and she moves with elegance and grace, as her hair flows around her like the flames of the forest in the summer’s midday. With careless abandon her worries give way to an unborn strength, a courage she has not yet known, and as joyful tears swell up in her eyes, a new song floods into her soul. Resurrecting the old memories she saves in her chest, close to the well of her heart. Let it overflow, let it flood and bring crystal waters into the boards of this burning home, and lay the flames to rest.
Spring up O’ well, spring up O’ well!
Bring life to the ruins of her family's bones, and refresh the souls of the dead with a love unbound. Yes, raise up the dead, bring strength to the withered limbs of the sick, and replace the pain of her death with a joy unknown. No longer will the widows weave deceit, no longer will they proclaim mockery, no longer will they take her dreams, for she is her father’s daughter, and He will guard her heart as she continues to dance with grace forever. The claws and the beaks of the crows, they will never take hold of her dress, for her father holds her gently, from the day of her conception, to beyond the day that she is lowered into the earth. For she is not bound to her burdened body, for she is forever a free spirit, and she will forever sing.

Return to me my weary child and find your rest eternal.